Richard A. Heyman, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard A. Heyman currently serves as executive chairman and Co-founder of Metacrine Inc., a biotech startup company developing new therapeutics for the treatment of diabetes and fatty liver diseases.  Previously, Dr. Heyman was the co-founder and CEO of Aragon and Seragon Pharmaceuticals, two San Diego biotech companies focused on discovering and developing next-generation therapeutics for hormone-dependent cancers. Johnson & Johnson purchased Aragon in 2013, and Genentech/Roche purchased Seragon in 2014.  Following his post-doctoral training at the Salk Institute, he joined and held various roles at Ligand Pharmaceuticals, including vice president of research.

Dr. Heyman is also actively involved in ORIC Pharmaceuticals, an oncology-based biotech company. There, he serves as a member of the board of directors and served as interim CEO from 2015 through 2016. He is also on the board of directors for Gritstone Oncology, Yumanity Therapeutics and was a board member of Receptos Inc. (recently sold to Celgene).  Dr. Heyman serves as vice chair on the board of trustees of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, board foundation for the AACR and both the executive committee and board of visitors at the UCSD Moores Cancer Center.

Dr. Heyman received a Ph.D. in pharmacology and a B.S. in chemistry. He is the author and inventor of more than 120 publications and patents.